Our Story

Anaelle is a Parisian, haute couture fashion designer based in Israel. She is a passionate innovator with a strong sense of identity, and a distinct perception of style. It is an inimitable style that combines attitude, understated elegance, classical and sexy charm, mystery, and a sensuality of eternal femininity.
Born into a family of artists in Paris, Anaelle has been developing her secret, inspiring world and perfecting her abilities from a very young age; when she and her parents moved to the exotic Martinique in the Caribbean Islands. After years of traveling, exploring, and crossing oceans, she moved to Israel.
Anaelle graduated from Shenkar, the leading fashion design school in Israel, and returned home to Paris to work and practice the art of haute couture. After working for many of the high fashion brands, she relocated to Israel, where she was best known for being the head designer at the Galia Lahav Fashion House.
In 2013, Anaelle founded her own signature studio that specializes in designing wedding dresses. Her success lies in the fact she is known for her relentless perfectionism, and her team must keep to the high standards in which she aspires. She is personally involved in fittings and carrying out the entire process until completion.
Anaelle is also known for her incredible paintings and artistic sketches and illustrations. She is daring and different. She is an innovator. The passions she has in her personal world is the source of inspiration for her creations.